United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: UNTD) is a leading provider of consumer products and services over the Internet, where the company’s brands have attracted a large online audience that includes more than 100 million registered accounts. The company’s Content & Media segment provides social networking services and products (Classmates and StayFriends) and loyalty marketing (MyPoints). Its primary Communications segment services are Internet access, services and devices (NetZero and Juno). United Online is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA, and operates through a global network of locations in the U.S., Germany, and India.


United Online's Content & Media segment provides social networking products and services (Classmates and StayFriends) and loyalty marketing (MyPoints).

Social Networking Products and Services. Our domestic and international social networking services comprise a large and diverse population of users. Classmates operates the leading online service in the U.S. for bringing high school classes together. Classmates makes it easy for its users to find and reconnect with high school friends. Classmates also features the largest library of digitized yearbooks available anywhere on the Internet, with over 250,000 available to browse online.

Members with free accounts can locate individuals in our database or in our collection of yearbooks; post information and view information posted by other members; tag yearbook photos, page through any of our online yearbooks, remember people from their high school class, scroll through a class list and make reconnections, organize reunions and engage in other reunion-related activities. To engage in premium features, including access to our Classmates® Guestbook, access to our Classmates location feature and to have the ability to send double-blind emails through our Classmates website to other members and respond to email messages from other members, a member must purchase an All-Access Pass, which is generally available for terms ranging from three months to two years.

In addition to our Classmates website, we operate five international websites, which allow members to reconnect with friends and acquaintances from high school. They include: StayFriends in Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland ( www.stayfriends.de, www.stayfriends.se, www.stayfriends.at, and www.stayfriends.ch, respectively), and Trombi in France (www.trombi.com ). Like the Classmates website, each international website includes free and paid membership.

Loyalty Marketing. Our loyalty marketing service, MyPoints, connects advertisers with an active member base by allowing members to earn reward Points for engaging in a variety of online activities. They can earn Points for making purchases from our advertising clients through the MyPoints website (www.mypoints.com) or just for shopping online. Members also earn Points for responding to email offers, taking market research surveys, playing MyPoints-branded online games, searching the Internet through the MyPoints’ toolbar and engaging in other online activities. In addition to these online Point-earning opportunities, MyPoints also offers a member credit card with opportunities to earn Points through both online and offline shopping. Reward Points are redeemable in a variety of ways including third-party gift cards, PayPal deposits, Facebook Codes, and e-certificates from over 90 vendors including top retailers, restaurants and travel partners.


United Online's Communications segment features the reliable, value-priced Internet access brands NetZero (www.netzero.com) and Juno (www.juno.com). Both brands offer a variety of plans, and customers can choose the option that best meets their connection needs.

NetZero and Juno pioneered the value-priced Internet access category in 2001, and both brands offer a full range of high quality, low priced dial-up and DSL Internet access services. NetZero Wireless offers the NetZero Mobile Broadband and NetZero Home Wireless Broadband services.

NetZero Mobile Broadband is available to customers nationwide and provides high-speed, affordable Internet access to on-the-go consumers. There are four value-priced NetZero Mobile Broadband plans to choose from. Customers are not required to sign a contract, cannot incur overage charges and can upgrade their data plan at any time. New customers can try the service free for up to one year with the purchase of a NetZero Hotspot or NetZero Stick™.

NetZero Home Wireless Broadband is a secure, wireless Internet access service designed for home or office use. With a NetZero Home Wireless Broadband access device, customers within the coverage area can access the Internet anywhere that the device can be plugged in to an available power source.

NetZero and Juno each offer four types of nationwide dial-up service. The Free service provides 10 hours of access each month free of charge and includes NetZero email. The Basic service provides unlimited access along with email and spam protection. Customers who purchase the Accelerated Dial-Up service (either NetZero HiSpeed or Juno Turbo) can surf the Web at up to 5 times the speed of standard dial-up. The Toll-free service allows customers who live in hard to serve areas to connect to the Internet using a toll-free 800 access number.

DSL service from NetZero and Juno is available in select cities and delivers broadband Internet directly to the home. DSL customers also receive Norton Antivirus online, MegaMail with built-in spam and email virus protection.

The Communications segment also offers email, and web hosting services. Its NetZero DataShield WiFi security service encrypts and protects users' data when they connect to the Internet via WiFi connections, including public WiFi hubs.


United Online provides advertising solutions to marketers with brand and direct response objectives through a full suite of display, search, email, and text-link opportunities across its Internet properties. Think of us as a bridge; on one side is your product or service, on the other side our millions of users. The Internet is constantly evolving and growing and it’s our job to help you take advantage of that. We’ll show you who to talk to, how to talk to them, and where to talk to them.